The Best Packing Options to Cushion Contents for Safe Delivery

Shipping departments each specialize in different things, so a variety of box filling materials are available to accommodate diverse needs.  While tactics vary, protecting packages during shipment is the name of the game for most shippers. To a certain extent what you’re shipping dictates the best ways to get the job done. Electronics, for example, More»

What Can Kraft Paper Do For Your Company?

Most people remember Kraft paper from their school days: large sheets of soft brown paper that could be used in any number of ways for art projects, demonstrations and illustrations. Affordable and adaptable, Kraft paper is highly useful in many shipping department applications. Available as 100% virgin or 100% recycled material, Kraft paper can help More»

Why is Packaging Necessary?

Several considerations drive packaging decisions for manufacturers, wholesalers and their retail partners.  Requirements vary across industries and individual product lines, so flexible solutions are required, to meet diverse situational standards.  Contractors provide services and packaging supplies to meet assorted needs, from comprehensive turnkey strategies, to materials-only requests from in-house shipping departments. Primary and secondary layers More»

Choose The Right Packaging

Getting your product safely from your business into the hands of the consumer requires a lot of steps. The most imperative of which is packaging. The right packaging is made up of three basic components: The box or envelope The cushioning or filler The sealer Choose The Right Box, Carton or Envelope The package you More»