Adhesive Labels Aid Trouble-Free Shipping and Inventory Control

LabelsEfficient shipping and inventory management rely on labeling systems and identification tags easily understood by customers and employees alike.  Color-coding and other labeling techniques assist stock-rotation efforts, keeping warehouse workers on the same page at all times.  And safety is enhanced by posting proper labels and tags on potentially hazardous materials.

As shipments leave your facility, important messages go out with them – from package contents to destination information, each contained on adhesive labels.  And some of the items you frequently ship may include substances regulated by law, requiring particular labels and tags.

While every shipper has different needs, labels and tags assist warehousing and shipping operations at most business locations.  Start-ups and shippers with changing needs benefit from professional packaging consultation, which guides them to solutions most appropriate for their individual shipping and packaging requirements.

Inventory Labels Help Track and Rotate Stock

Maintaining tight tabs on inventory and keeping the revolving door of shipments flowing without interruption requires efficient solutions, like pre-printed and blank colored labels.  Pairing pre-printed calendar month labels with numeral stickers helps warehouses identify exactly when each product was placed in inventory.  Slow-moving goods and improper stock rotation become immediately recognizable when date labels are affixed.

Even before goods become inventory entries, they are counted and checked-in by receiving clerks.  Pre-printed labels reinforce accountability standards, requiring receivables to be tagged “counted” or “inspected by”, before being allowed in-stock.

Storage facilities using quarterly tracking methods benefit from pre-printed labels with first through fourth quarter designations clearly printed on them.  And when text labels are more appropriate than calendar numbers, packaging suppliers provide days- of- the- week stickers to take the guess-work out of rotation labeling.

For custom-conceived applications, various-sized circular and rectangular labels allow color-based organizational schemes to flow smoothly, with or without additional information added to them.  Bright fluorescent colors are favored, sold in packs containing sheets of each colored variety.  For high volume uses, rolled goods are easily stored in wall-mounted and table-top dispensers, which each hold multiple rolls of adhesive labels.  Many models are adjustable, accommodating rolls of various widths and core diameters.

Shipping and Handling Labels Send Important Messages

Shipping and handling labels communicate silently, conveying important messages to individuals and departments receiving freight.  Their presence is mandated when safety is at stake, but stick-on labels are also used to provide countless notifications about shipment contents, packing lists, and handling requirements.

Pre-printed Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) labels ensure compliance for shippers working with potential hazardous materials.  Compressed gas, flammable materials, and corrosive compounds are each clearly labeled to meet D.O.T. standards.  Colors are added to support danger messages, like yellow labels identifying hazardous waste.

Special labels guide handlers encountering your packages in-transit.  Fragile, handle-with-care, and glass-contents are familiar heads-up designations found on labels, but pre-printed instructions also include messages like “C.O.D”, alerting delivery drivers to collect payments before leaving  goods behind.

Bilingual labels serve shipments bound for non-English speaking neighbors, while pre-printed graphics-based labels go one step further; relying on international pictorial messages easily understood by viewers from all parts of the world.

Whether mandated for safe storage and shipment or included as part of your own organizational structure, adhesive labels are invaluable for maintaining your shipping department flow. Pre-printed varieties also assist warehousing efforts, tracking inventory by date and identifying goods by color.

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