What Can Kraft Paper Do For Your Company?

Kraft PaperMost people remember Kraft paper from their school days: large sheets of soft brown paper that could be used in any number of ways for art projects, demonstrations and illustrations. Affordable and adaptable, Kraft paper is highly useful in many shipping department applications. Available as 100% virgin or 100% recycled material, Kraft paper can help cut shipping costs, protect products, and even train employees!

Fill the Void With Kraft Paper

Package contents that can move freely are often subject to expensive damage and replacement costs. Kraft paper is an excellent void filler for shipping. Lightweight, durable and inexpensive, it can be cut to any size and crumpled to provide customized stabilization and protection without adding significant weight to each shipment. It can also be used to separate layers within a corrugated box or other container in order to add protective stability without adding weight or expense.

Wrap It With Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is available in pre-cut sheets that make wrapping uniformly-sized individual products fast, simple and affordable. Commonly used by moving companies, it is available with a wax or poly coating to provide extra protection from the elements. Soft, absorbent indented Kraft paper rolls are also useful when stacking items that require extra protection during shipment.

Moisture & Damage Protection With Kraft Paper

Waxed and poly coated Kraft paper sheets provide nonabrasive protection for metal and other items needed durable protection. Kraft paper rolls also offer extra adaptability by allowing your shipping department to create the exact size needed for every application. Roll cutters are available in vertical and horizontal models that can stand out of the way or be mounted on a counter or wall or under a countertop for added convenience.

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

All the lectures, training sessions and discussions in the world are not always as effective as a simple drawing. Kraft paper provides a convenient, inexpensive medium for quick drawings and diagrams that help convey complex ideas to employees, managers and even customers. It also lends itself to team-building activities and it even makes a fun table covering for those employee get-togethers!

Kraft paper can also be used to wrap live plants, protect important documents and blueprints and keep track of the shipping department’s fantasy baseball tournament. The durability, flexibility and affordability of Kraft paper make it a staple product for shipping departments and industrial warehouses of all sizes.

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