The Best Packing Options to Cushion Contents for Safe Delivery

Shipping departments each specialize in different things, so a variety of box filling materials are available to accommodate diverse needs.  While tactics vary, protecting packages during shipment is the name of the game for most shippers. To a certain extent what you’re shipping dictates the best ways to get the job done. Electronics, for example, More»

Receiving Room Supplies Essential For Outgoing Packages

The average retail shopper has a fairly basic idea of what goes on in the receiving rooms that are hidden behind those mysterious “employees only” doors: a couple burly workers armed with box cutters and knee-deep in piles of packing peanuts, endlessly sorting product onto carts and backstock shelves. Anyone who’s actually worked in a More»

Choose The Right Packaging

Getting your product safely from your business into the hands of the consumer requires a lot of steps. The most imperative of which is packaging. The right packaging is made up of three basic components: The box or envelope The cushioning or filler The sealer Choose The Right Box, Carton or Envelope The package you More»

Bubble Wrap vs. Foam – Which Is Right For Your Shipping Needs?

Bubble wrap has long been a pop-culture staple. Part of the fun of opening a package is popping the bubbles. But bubble wrap is far more important than just a source of entertainment; it plays a critical role in protecting your products during shipping. Foam is another packing solution that provides lightweight cushioning and protection. More»

Why Quality Packaging Materials Matter, Regardless Of Your Industry

Whether you have a mail order or online business that sends thousands of products all over the world, or you only mail things every once in a while, the right packaging materials are important! Before you take a trip to the nearest office supply store and blindly purchase whatever they offer, take a few minutes More»