The Best Packing Options to Cushion Contents for Safe Delivery

Shipping departments each specialize in different things, so a variety of box filling materials are available to accommodate diverse needs.  While tactics vary, protecting packages during shipment is the name of the game for most shippers. To a certain extent what you’re shipping dictates the best ways to get the job done. Electronics, for example, More»

Efficient Turnaround in Packaging is the Key to Success

One of the universal challenges faced by businesses, regardless of size and scope, is effectively managing turnaround times for fulfilling packaging orders.  Even though shippers operate at manufacture, wholesale and retail levels, they each share similar experiences with this aspect of business operations. Strategies have been tested to create a bulletproof one-size-fits-all shipping solution that More»

Mailing Envelopes: Different Materials and Options

It is easy to oversimplify shipping room supplies into categories like “boxes” and “envelopes” without giving proper attention to the specialized nature of these packages.  Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, constructed of standard cardboard and heavy-duty corrugated materials.  Tall, flat, long, white, and even purposed for specific contents, boxes are diverse fixtures in More»

Corrugated Boxes, Or More Commonly Known As Moving Boxes

If you’ve ever had to move anything from one home to another, one office to another or even one room to another, it’s likely you know the necessity and value of corrugated boxes. Because they so often get things from one place to the next, they are also known simply as moving boxes. What Makes More»

Boxes for Wide-Ranging Applications

In-house shipping departments transport a wide variety of goods, from individual letters and parcels, to fully-loaded pallets of products.  And the scope of each effort is different too.  Some shippers move the same few types of items over and over while others require greater flexibility to ship items of various shapes and sizes. Packaging solutions More»