Boxes for Wide-Ranging Applications

Boxes of All SizesIn-house shipping departments transport a wide variety of goods, from individual letters and parcels, to fully-loaded pallets of products.  And the scope of each effort is different too.  Some shippers move the same few types of items over and over while others require greater flexibility to ship items of various shapes and sizes.

Packaging solutions are available for whatever you ship including boxes specifically designed to handle particular products.  Using the proper box is essential for minimizing per-unit freight costs and maximizing profits. Consider the following options before consulting with packaging professionals to dial-in your shipping department needs.

Standard and Heavy-Duty Corrugated Boxes

Heavy Duty BoxesCorrugated boxes come in hundreds of sizes to facilitate shipping diverse contents.  The dimensions and vulnerability of the products you ship are key factors to consider when outlining the best strategies for your facility.  The boxes you select for standard use should be large enough to accommodate adequate protective fill, but not oversized with excessive voids. Filling unnecessary spaces with bubble, foam, and Kraft paper fillers costs money, reducing profitability for your company.

Heavy-duty boxes of single and double-wall construction provide added protection during transit, especially when greater stacking strength is needed.  And for the greatest flexibility, shippers choose multi-depth boxes, which accommodate multiple pack sizes without modification.

Cargo Boxes

Cargo BoxesEffective bulk shipping on pallets is sometimes accomplished using stretch films that wrap and secure items during transit.  Cargo boxes are used when additional reinforcement is required and when irregularly shaped items are hard to secure.

Gaylord containers and other bulk cargo boxes provide flexible bulk shipping solutions, including telescoping options and easy-load versions that can be covered before shipping.  Triple-wall cargo boxes are designed to protect your most vulnerable items, allowing them to be stacked on pallets without expensive crates.

Application-Specific Boxes

Specialized boxes accommodate specific items, allowing consistent output and high levels of protection from your shipping department. Using makeshift approaches doesn’t add-up when dedicated application-specific boxes are available for the items you regularly ship.

Printers, for example, utilize boxes specifically sized for reams of printed materials. And hanging file boxes provide shipping and storage solutions for other paper-heavy industries. Moving boxes come in all sizes, equipped with inserts for particular items like lamps and dishes. And clothing is easily transported in wardrobe boxes that function like portable closets.

Hazardous materials are safely transported, contained in special boxes utilizing custom-fitted inserts to hold jugs, cans, and other containers snuggly in-place.  Food and medical industries are served by insulated boxes that help maintain consistent temperatures during transit.

Computers and accessories with uniform sizes are shipped in job-specific boxes that keep delicate electronic components protected.  And suspension boxes, which hold sensitive items within special shock-resistant frames, provide the utmost security for fragile goods.

Regardless of what you ship, packaging suppliers are equipped to provide guidance and boxes that get the job done efficiently, with the proper balance of protection and value.

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