Corrugated Boxes, Or More Commonly Known As Moving Boxes

Boxes of All SizesIf you’ve ever had to move anything from one home to another, one office to another or even one room to another, it’s likely you know the necessity and value of corrugated boxes. Because they so often get things from one place to the next, they are also known simply as moving boxes.

What Makes This Box So Special?

Corrugated boxes are lightweight yet strong enough to handle really heavy loads because they are made of corrugated paperboard – hence the name. The corrugated paperboard has rows of air columns that act as a protective cushion aligned with paper columns that make the box very sturdy.

Because of these superior strength and protective aspects, corrugated boxes move more than 95 percent of all products that are shipped in the United States. These boxes are also very “green,” making up more than half of all U.S. recycled paper, and more than six million tons of old boxes are recycled annually by grocery stores.

A Corrugated Box For Almost Every Need

There are corrugated boxes in many sizes, shapes and depths so that whatever they hold fits well and will not be damaged by moving around inside. Most everyone has used the basic square corrugated box, but there really is an option for almost anything that needs to be moved, regardless of its shape or size.

  • Multi-Depth – If you’re packing items of different sizes, this is a real time-saver. These boxes have scoring on the sides that lets you cut down the box to whatever height you need without any special tools. Buy several of these and then create the box that’s best for the job.
  • Telescoping – As the name describes, these boxes come in two or three pieces that can slide to a desired length or height. If you have a long or tall item to move, this is the box for you.
  • Side-Loading – There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to fit a flat object into a cube-shaped box. Side-loading corrugated boxes open along the ends and are ideal for mirrors, pictures or any other flat object.
  • Corrugated Trays – This is your choice when moving small, light objects or items that can’t be boxed like plants. Though not very deep, these trays are just as strong as their larger counterparts.

They’re Not Just For Moving

Today’s corrugated boxes are also being used in ways that keep them firmly rooted in one place. File storage boxes can be found in almost every home or office to store important paperwork. There are large boxes that will hold hanging files and smaller versions for index or business cards. These stationary boxes often come with attractive designs and special covers for extra protection.

Whether you’re filling them for a move or for on-site storage, corrugated boxes are a reliable, cost-effective way to get the job done.

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