Stretch Film Can Save Your Furniture During Moving

Stretch FilmMoving out of one home and into another can be an exciting time. It can also be stressful, especially when it comes to moving expensive items like furniture which can be expensive to replace if damaged during the move.

One way to help keep your furniture damage-free is to wrap it with stretch film, also known as stretch wrap, before you take it anywhere. This is a flexible, elastic plastic film that can be wrapped tightly around any item to keep off dirt, wetness and oil and to prevent scratches or snags. Unlike sticky tape, stretch wrap will not leave residue on the items because it sticks to itself.

Some types of stretch film can be shrunk with heat for an even tighter hold.

Using Stretch Film When Moving

Stretch film can protect everything from couches and rugs to bureaus and artwork, and it’s very easy to use.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your furniture. Next, remove any detachable parts such as chair legs, drawers and table leaves and wrap them separately. For anything made of wood or leather, place paper padding or furniture pads on the surface before wrapping. This provides “breathing room” which prevents condensation from forming under the stretch wrap which can damage those materials.

Wrap stretch film around a bureau and drawers to keep them secure when you move, or separately wrap the drawers with your clothing or other items still in them to save time on packing and unpacking.

There a several sizes of stretch wrap, so use the largest roll you can when wrapping large furniture. All you do is hold the roll and walk around the item, letting the roll unwrap as you go. Sometimes corners can be damaged or cause damage in a move; cover them with a piece of foam or cardboard and then add a good amount of the wrap to protect them.

Other Great Applications

Because stretch film will hold just about anything together, it has lots of possible uses. Keep your electronic cords neat by wrapping them with this material.

If you’re storing artwork or other fragile objects, put some paper or foam between and/or around the pieces, wrap tightly and place safely into storage. Even if they get bumped, they shouldn’t break.

Whether you’re moving or just getting organized, having stretch film on hand will keep your valuable items protected and safe from damage.

Discussion (1)

  1. The goal for choosing the best stretch film is to find one that fits your company’s specific need without paying for unneeded properties. Most of the products that are being commercially sold require a high demand of stretch wrap film.