Corrugated Mailers Are Ideal For Home-Based Businesses

Corrugated MailersWorking a home-based business requires dedication, hard work and the ability to save money wherever possible. If what you do involves mailing products to customers, corrugated mailers are a reliable and cost-effective way to meet that need.

Designed For Protection And Easy Use

The best thing about corrugated mailers is that they will protect whatever is inside them while traveling to their destination. Most mailers are crush resistant, meaning they’re designed to fold in way that creates double walls on the front and sides of the package. This extra strength makes them sturdy even when sitting under something heavy in a mail truck or cargo plane.

Other beneficial features:

  • Anyone who’s packaged things knows the possibility of painful paper cuts, but new edges on today’s corrugated mailers virtually eliminate this problem.
  • With some shipping containers, it can take longer to put the box together than to pack it and mail it. Now, however, there are one-piece mailers that fold together in less than a minute and don’t require staples, glue or tape to make them secure.
  • Because the boxes store flat, they won’t take up a lot of room in a home office that’s tight on space, and you can buy them in bulk at a lower cost to help your bottom line.

Many Choices Of Corrugated Mailers

Home-based businesses now produce and ship a wide range of products, and there are corrugated mailers of various sizes and shapes to meet every need.

If you create and send books, pamphlets or any other printed materials, literature mailers come sized to fit almost any document which saves the expense of ordering a custom-size box.

Although it’s odd to think of a tube as anything but round, you can buy one-piece square or triangular mailing “tubes” for long, tall, or odd-shaped materials. These tubes can be easier to handle because they lay flat for packing. Some triangular tubes open along the full length so you can easily place products inside rather than sliding them in from the end. Both tubes ship flat to save space and they are easily assembled without tape or glue.

Audio/Visual mailers are specifically sized for mailing DVDs, CDs and similar materials. There are also literature mailer kits to easily send both audio/visual products and supporting literature.

The ease and durability of corrugated mailers makes them an excellent – and essential – choice for any home-based business.

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